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Reach Plus 4 Kit Configuration Head: SC-V20/100RP Tripod: SC-EFP/CF100D Pan Bar:SC-PB20 Ground Spreader:SC-FS100 Head: SC-V20/100RP Capacity ...
Head: SC-V20/100RP    
Tripod: SC-EFP/CF100D   
Pan Bar:SC-PB20 
Ground Spreader:SC-FS100
Head: SC-V20/100RP

Capacity of 0-32kg offer support for EFP configuration camera and studio application. 
Improved drag system enhances smoothness of head movement, matching the quality of most famous brand. In addition, graded drag adjustment ensure fast change of tilt and pan drag. 
Step-type counterbalance system help operator to balance the camera in a minute without changing over and over to look for the right amount of counterbalance.

Quick release mechanism ensures operator to quickly mount or dismount the camera on the head.

All main parts are made with high quality CNC machine. It enhances parts machining precision, ensures high reliability and improves fluid head performance substantially.

In order to enhance rigidity of plastic parts, high quality hard plastic is adopted to manufacture all plastic parts of fluid heads, especially those control elements (brake level, clamp level etc.), which results in considerable high durability of SECCED fluid heads. 
100mm ball head, compatible with heavy-duty 100mm tripod on the market.

Tripod: SC-EFP/CF100D


Speed Locking system ensures quick setup of tripods and operators can get it ready for work within a minute. 


Equipped with off ground and ground spreader.


All plastic parts adopt the imported material, enhance the quality of spare parts and ensure high rigidity of tripods.


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