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(1) Brand promotion
SECCED takes high emphasis on brand promotion and marketing service, since the year of 2007, SECCED has taken part in a series of international exhibitions such as NAB, CABSAT, IBC, BROADCAST INDIA, BIRTV and INTERBEE.                            

In the year of 2008, SECCED product served for the Beijing Olympic Games successfully. SECCED products win the praise of the photographers all over the world. The cameramen are deeply impressed by our technical service team’s perfect skills and enthusiastic service.


(2) Spare parts inventory system innovation
the spare parts supply and inventory management is very difficult because of the uncertainty demands of the spare parts. SECCED inventory management is based on the demand forecast. At first SECCED classified the spare parts according to the demand forecast, and then analyzed the principle of the spare part demand. Through establishing the demand forecast and inventory management model, we have built the safety stock to assure the prompt after sales service for customer.


(3) Product training system
SECCED Product training engineers are in charge of the technical training for all serials of products to distributor’s engineers. They provide systematic training, the latest product information and technical data. They also communicate with distributor’s engineers’ high level technology in order to help them provide in time, complete, satisfying and expert service to users.


(4) Establish the global service network  
As the marketing increasing in the world, from 2009 SECCED start to build the after sales office in USA, Japan, Europe, Middle East and India to  have a better promotion and service for users, then establish the global sales and service network gradually.


(5) Develop the strategic partnership with our distributors
We enjoy a solid relationship with all our distributors, which enable us to secure with them the best quality, just-in-time delivery, service and the most competitive price. Our growth is based on the growth of our distributors. We strive to maintain a strong connection with our distributors. Now we have 60 distributors in more than 40 foreign countries all over the world.







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