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SECCED R&D engineers adopt the 3D CAD software to design the product structure, using the three-dimension solid modeling software to make the design more visual. Moreover, it effectively reduced the design and analysis time and shortens the manufacturing period.

SECCED used the CAXA figure and document management system to build the primary figure and documents stereoscopic platform, the complete and varied technical data, and the effective version and permission management, quick search system. This provides the useful technical resource for speeding the product research and innovation.

SECCED R&D engineers pay great attention to user’s participation. The traditional manufacturing process is to collect user’s demand, then R&D engineers design or forecast the market demand, then pushing the “self-opinionated” product to the market. Under the traditional model, the users accept the product passively; otherwise the product need to be tailor-made, the cost is high and need more long time for production. SECCED R&D engineers invite the user to take part in the product design process. Users can make requirements according to their preference. The whole design and production process is public to the user, even the user can be involved in the sales and service.

SECCED R&D engineers take high emphasis on the prototype test, strictly execute test of the temperature, climate, noise, impact, vibration, safety, transport and so on. They also invite the expert inside and outside company to do the strict assessment.

SECCED newly designed fluid heads have been registered Community Design in EU.
The registered No.001090492-0001 has been recorded



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