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Beijing United Victory Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of camera support equipment in China. We provide a broad range of high quality camera support products, including fluid heads, tripods and cranes under the brand name "SECCED".  SECCED ´s products are well known for their functionality ease of use and the best choice for cost conscious customer.  SECCED has become a strong, globally recognized brand.  Our products are popular over 40 countries with our excellent quality and the invaluable supports from our partners.

 All the products of us are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standard.  All the components of our products are CNC-Machined, and then stringently tolerance tested before installation into sub-assemblies.  Every Secced camera support product is subject to rigorous quality assurance procedure that begins in design and follows through in the entire materials selection, precision molding, die-casting and machining process to final delivery.

In 2013 we bring the new product series:  Reach Plus Tripod Kits on the market. Due to the extended payload, our products will be applied by different kinds of cameras:  not only for heavy duties, but also for the high performance of today´s even lighter and compacter camcorders.

 Customer´s benefits are always the focus of our work. In 2013 the spare part warehouses overseas will be built up in the near of our customs. Selection und acquisition of the spare parts you need will be much more convenient and simpler than before.

So with passion, intellect and commitment we have created a foundation of our own:  the trust from our customers, worldwide a popular and quick growing brand and an effective team. We are confident to meet and exceed customer´s demanding expectations.

 SECCED has obtained the CE certificate, our products meet or exceed the safety requests of EU Directives. This enhances EU customer.






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